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Monday, February 28, 2011

Snow Days

We planned a few long weekend trips this February to spend some quality time in the snow. First, we went up to Sun Peaks in British Columbia for some of the coldest and sunniest skiing we've ever had. We went with our friends Ryan and Michelle. Ryan's folks live in Kamloops, BC and graciously hosted us for the long weekend. Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos of the weekend but perhaps Michelle will share some of hers for my blog.

This past weekend, we drove out to the Methow Valley with a group of friends that Justin has known since grade school. One of the friends has a family vacation home in Mazama, in the heart of cross-country ski central. Justin had never cross country skied and I haven't done it for about 10 years but we both picked it up pretty quickly. It wasn't easy work but it is pretty fun.

On day 1: Here's Justin leading the pack on snowshoes. Elizabeth and Jay and their baby Esme are right behind.

Day 2: Here I am posing in the sunshine.

Day 2: Justin and I stopped on a bridge over a nearly frozen river for a rest. We went about 3 miles.

Day 3: Same bridge but the weather has changed a little. Lots of fresh snow
Day 3: Justin skiing into Narnia. The scenery here was so lovely. We skied a little more than 6 miles on day two.

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