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Saturday, March 10, 2012


There's nothing better than a sunny day of skiing after a big snowfall. We hit the slopes in Utah for the big snowfall, the sunny day after and the not-so-sunny-or-snowy day after that.  Utah is an awesome ski-state. The snow is so dry it really is like powder and there are ski resorts everywhere. We went with our friends Amy and Brian and hit Alta, Brighton and Solitude, in that order.

We have no photos from Alta because it was the coldest, nastiest day and we didn't want to uncover an inch of skin to pull out the camera.

Here's the foursome at the top of Brighton. It was beautiful, but bitter cold.

Me, taking a break.

Peace out Amy.

Brian looking for sweet jumps in and out of the trees.

Me, with the Utah scenery in the background.

A collection of old snowboards at Brighton from the early days of snowboarding.

Justin and I headed to the top of Solitude on a slow double lift.

We had a super fun time, despite the hit-and-miss conditions. And I collected 3 new stickers for my helmet.