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Monday, July 04, 2011

Mini Vacay, Eh?

For the long holiday weekend, Justin and I took a little road trip north to Canada.
Our first stop in Vancouver was to a downtown fabric store...always on the lookout for textiles for our home. We ran into a little problem: no loonies for the meter!

We headed out to UBC to their botanical gardens. Justin talked me into the "Canopy Walk". It was a rickety suspension bridge strung up in the trees, 40 feet off the ground. Yikes! But Justin was cool as a cucumber. I was not.
 The two of us in the trees.

Palms a little sweaty but still smiling. This is an activity best done in closed toe shoes.

Trees are amazingly opportunistic. 

A lovely, clear water to dip my toes in. So refreshing.

Mr. Banana, we could have lined this shot up a little better.

A pair of G(8)-men who apparently defected from the Blue Man group.

Totems at Stanley Park, toured by cruiser.

Low tide is a good time for spotting mermaids.

Newly restored and back on it's berth, Stanley Park's dragon.

Perhaps the ugliest swans I've seen. Poor birdie.

Towers of Rainiers. 'Tis the season.

A new favorite strummer: Stephen Spender. Justin thought he sounded like Paul Simon. I'm not so sure.

A clever use of public art. 

All in all, a beautiful weekend. Despite this being our 4th or 5th visit, we still found new ground to cover on the tourist maps. And although I only ate a single Nainaimo bar, I think I might have gained 5 pounds from all of the other delicious food Vancouver had to offer.


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